Multi-flow engine
for creating multi app Telegram bot


Hi, my name is Anton     @Anton_MegaPort @Anton_MegaPort

I'm currently testing my new multi-flow engine for creating bots, which is used in my project MegaPort Bot.

This multi-flow bot engine consists of several processes running in parallel. Each process is relatively simple individually, which makes it easy to scale the bot as the number of users grows. As the load increases, additional instances of the bot can be launched, which any user can easily move to if their current bot starts to slow down for some reason.

For example, if you stop in some menu in the @megaport_bot and then go to the @megaport1_bot and run the /start command, you will continue working in the second bot from the same menu as in the first bot. Of course, you can go back, "restart" and continue working in the first bot. Now numbers 2 and above are reserved, but now there are no bots running on them yet.

The idea of combining multiple apps in one bot came about after I realized that this bot engine structure makes it easy to add and remove apps in a bot. These applications are combined into one bot to simplify the work and support of this project at the initial stage. Any of these applications can be launched as a separate bot if necessary, but for now they will be promoted together.